Cultural Revolution

Vintage Bicycles October 27, 2010

While researching vintage bicycles for a mural I’m painting at La Pasteria restaurant in Summit, New Jersey, I stumbled across pictures of the most extraordinary bikes. The old time beauty of these classics harkens the era of paper boys, girls in bobby socks, and lemonade on the front porch. Here are a couple of my favorites.



Oh What a Night October 23, 2010

The food was placed artistically on the barnwood table, ripe green and red grapes arranged as beautiful still life; gleaming handblown glass pendants hung from silk cords as the flames from the candles throughout the room flickered and danced, casting an amber glow on the dark and atmospheric oil paintings . The mood had been set. We were ready for the witches.

The beginning of a bad novel? Not exactly. It’s ¬†another “Ladies Night Out” in Maplewood, or “Witches Night Out” this time around. In they came, singly or in groups of two or three, wearing their pointy black hats, eager to peruse the new offerings in Revolution.

David and I had a blast setting up for what has become a biannual tradition in Maplewood Village. Local merchants offer special gifts, contests, treats and discounts as a way of thanking the community for their continued support. There was much staging and rearranging to do, but it was worth it. Although the numbers were slightly smaller this year (lagging economy?), the ladies still came out and showed us some love. We welcomed new faces curious about our little shop, as well as long time customers anxious to see the new fall arrivals. Wine and cheese, not to mention cupcakes, was enjoyed by everyone.

As shutters creaked in the howling wind, and the glow of luminaries lining the streets grew dim, we bid farewell to the roving coven of witches. Until we meet again.