Cultural Revolution

A Christmas Window November 30, 2010

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The parlor window is in place

November 30


As promised, we will be documenting the progress of the Revolution Christmas window as we construct and decorate and adorn. The theme  is a loose interpretation of a Victorian Parlor Christmas and our first element is in place…the grand window through which visitors will get a glimpse of our holiday tableau. That’s David’s iconic red pick up parked out front:)

So, while it does not look like much now, watch this space to see it all come together before your eyes. And by the way, all suggestions are welcome.

November 30


Christmas Glow

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…don’t you think

December 2


Love this window!

Well, we’re making progress. David and I have been debating whether to use a rustic barn door as a backdrop or go with a wonderfully weathered oversized French door. Would anyone care to weigh in?

December 7

Oh Christmas Tree

It’s hard to tell from this picture but, the tree is black! And it’s gorgeous. I was a bit skeptical when David suggested it, but the ornaments just glow against the dark backdrop. I must learn to trust his artist’s instincts.

Our original theme of a Victorian Christmas has changed somewhat, but the parlor is looking pretty snazzy.

Just some final details to add; tree skirt, presents of course, and we’re ready for Christmas.


2 Responses to “A Christmas Window”

  1. I can’t wait to see more. Perhaps I should just walk by when I am in town tomorrow?

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