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We’ve Got Great Things “In Store” for You January 31, 2011

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What does Revolution have in common with W, Marie Claire, and Glamour magazines? Stay tuned for the answer. Hint: It will make your head spin.


Staying Connected January 16, 2011

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As  relative newcomers to the blogosphere, and in fact, social networking in general, we are learning as we go. Based on what our customers are telling us, a little bit more of everything is in order. So, more pictures, more notices about sales, and more info will be forthcoming. (Big sale coming up soon…more about that later).

Something new that we are working on  is an Ask David feature which would allow you to post your decorating, refinishing, and restoration questions and get expert advice from David. We get so many queries in the store, it makes us understand how many of you want to take on small projects at home. So, be sure to look here in the coming weeks for our latest offering.

David and Lorraine


Gifts and glitz and glitter, oh my! December 7, 2010

Here’s a peek at the Holiday table. Gift items and ornaments add sparkle to the shop.


Home for the Holidays November 27, 2010

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A new place for favorite magazines

Are you thinking what we’re thinking? “It’s holiday season, friends and family will visit. How do we spruce up the place?” We’ll be the first to admit that it’s always fun to make a run to Target and buy all new sheets and towels, or dishes and party ware, but you can’t always take that approach with certain things. The bank account may not allow for new suites of furniture for example.

David and I are firm believers in mixing the old with the new, and for that matter mixing the old with the old. What do I mean by that? On several occasions I have taken furniture from one room of the house and used it in an unexpected way in another room. Case in point, I have an ever growing stack of decorating magazines (never met one I didn’t like). Rather than put them on the book case or in baskets, I retreived an old wicker coffee table from the back deck, revived it with a coat of Krylon in Sage, put it at the end of my bed, placed a gilded tray in the center to hold a note pad, post its, pen and readers and flanked that with the magazines on either end. It added instant charm to the space and I did not have to throw out a single magazine:)

A section of wrought iron with votives behind it is an unexpected element on a plain shelf.

As far as mixing old and new. Nothing adds warmth to an otherwise cold and/or sterile environment like a well worn piece of furniture or accessory. So, if you find yourself with a brand new glass coffee table for example, why not adorn it with an antique teak bowl full of green apples (or pinecones for the holidays)? Or if you have a stark relatively modern bookcase, add a conversation piece made of wrought iron. Feel free to reuse items in new and unexpected ways. The contrast will be more than interesting, it will be artisitc.



Change is Good November 5, 2010

One of the things I love about this business is the element of discovery in working with a piece of furniture. Although I may set out with an intended goal in mind, the end result may be quite different; usually in a most pleasing way.

A customer of mine came into the store the other day to offer me a set of dressers at a reasonable price. As it turns out the dressers had lovely lines, and were of a good size. Many people today are not looking for oversized furniture but rather midsized pieces that will be unobtrusive and still stand out in their decor.

While the form of the dressers was attractive, the finish was quite dated. They could not be sold as is. I immediately went to work, mixing up a paint finish that would at once bring them into this era yet retain their original charm. For many years my paint of choice has been Benjamin Moore.  Although I keep my actual formula a well guarded secret, I always tell customers who want to do it themselves that in most cases it pays to go with quality. I have been disappointed time and time again when using lesser paints.

David painting dressers in front of store

Take a look at the two dressers side by side, one in its original state and the other in the process of transformation. I could not have anticipated how well they would have turned out…the dressers sold two days after receiving their new coat of paint.

The moral of this tale, don’t be afraid to experiment; change is good.



Vintage Bicycles October 27, 2010

While researching vintage bicycles for a mural I’m painting at La Pasteria restaurant in Summit, New Jersey, I stumbled across pictures of the most extraordinary bikes. The old time beauty of these classics harkens the era of paper boys, girls in bobby socks, and lemonade on the front porch. Here are a couple of my favorites.



Oh What a Night October 23, 2010

The food was placed artistically on the barnwood table, ripe green and red grapes arranged as beautiful still life; gleaming handblown glass pendants hung from silk cords as the flames from the candles throughout the room flickered and danced, casting an amber glow on the dark and atmospheric oil paintings . The mood had been set. We were ready for the witches.

The beginning of a bad novel? Not exactly. It’s  another “Ladies Night Out” in Maplewood, or “Witches Night Out” this time around. In they came, singly or in groups of two or three, wearing their pointy black hats, eager to peruse the new offerings in Revolution.

David and I had a blast setting up for what has become a biannual tradition in Maplewood Village. Local merchants offer special gifts, contests, treats and discounts as a way of thanking the community for their continued support. There was much staging and rearranging to do, but it was worth it. Although the numbers were slightly smaller this year (lagging economy?), the ladies still came out and showed us some love. We welcomed new faces curious about our little shop, as well as long time customers anxious to see the new fall arrivals. Wine and cheese, not to mention cupcakes, was enjoyed by everyone.

As shutters creaked in the howling wind, and the glow of luminaries lining the streets grew dim, we bid farewell to the roving coven of witches. Until we meet again.